Is Medication The Way Forward?

Hi everyone. Ive taken a break from writing for some time as I’ve been taking steps in my mental health journey. The most recent development being the fact ive started on some medication. I have never been someone optimistic about taking drugs to aid my mental health. I always seen it as a last resort and not something I was willing to try for a long time. The thought of taking regular medication scared me. However recently I thought why not give it a go.

I started on quetiapine around 2 months ago now. I must admit to start with it knocked me for six. I felt groggy, sleepy, lethargic and it felt like my heart was beating out my chest on most days. I let it settle into my system and spoke to the mental health team about the correct dosage. I think now we have hit the jackpot. I feel like a new person. Im more chilled, happier, less anxious, less stressed, less mood swings, less unpredictable. I feel like i’ve been offered a new, happier direction to life and im sticking with it.

So my point from this blog is that I know many people who are against medication, and those who don’t want to take pills for the rest of their lives. My advice would be seek GP or a mental health professionals advice and if they suggest medication, give it a go. Like I said I started very against taking regular medication, but the past 2 months have worked wonders for me. Theres no harm in trying an option from the unknown, trust your journey.

One thought on “Is Medication The Way Forward?

  1. I’m glad it’s helped! I tend to think of medication as a tool—it might be a helpful one, or it might be an unhelpful one, but there’s no way to know without trying it.


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