Its Good To Take Time To Reflect

I think everyone has dates in their lives that they will never forget. Something that happened on a certain day that posts as a constantly reminder on that date every year for the rest of your life. Well today is that day for me, so i’m taking this time to reflect. 6 years ago to this date, I was in a serious car accident that has since changed my life completely. Leading on from this event, I was diagnosed with PTSD and received EMDR therapy for this, and have suffered greatly with my physical health since. It seems like a life time ago but in reflection, my brain can take me back to that exact moment in a matter of seconds. My memory of that day will always stay with me, and it never gets easier to think about.

So in 6 years what have I learnt? This year i’m reflecting on who I am as a person now in comparison to back then. First my career path changed massively from that day onwards and i’ve ended up working seasons abroad and working in the care industry ever since. Something that had you have told me 6 years ago I would be doing, I would have laughed in your face. Ive become a more caring, sociable, outgoing, adventurous person since then. It taught me life is too short. Doctors told me time and time again how lucky I am to be alive and its true, I am. Losing one of my best friends last year also made me realise this clearer. Ive learnt to live each day as it comes, capture every moment, make memories, laugh a little more.

5 years ago to this date I wrote a bucket list of things I wanted to do in my lifetime. I printed it and put a copy on my wall, which is still there to this day. I cross off everything i’ve achieved already, and almost half of my list is complete already. Ive done a skydive, ive sang to an audience, ive worked abroad, ive started my family tree to name a few. I naturally always feel low on this day, but in hindsight I should take it as a blessing. Im a great believer everything happens for a reason. Im still alive today for a purpose. Life is too short, don’t wait until tomorrow to do something you’ve always wanted to do. Tomorrow is never promised.

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