Pet Therapy

One thing Ive learnt about myself from the years of suffering badly with my mental health, is one thing proven to pick me up from rock bottom is animals. I am a massive believer and supporter in animal therapy. Owning a pet has been proven to reduce stress, anxiety and depression, ease loneliness, encourage playfulness alongside having many long term therapeutic benefits that improve general health. Having a pet can provide routine and meaning to your days, encourage exercise, provide sensory stress relief and companionship. Pets are well known for giving unconditional love to their owners, which in turn helps many that struggle with social interactions and also with those who feel worthless and suicidal.

So for the past few months within the COVID-19 lockdown, I’ve taken a substantial hit to my mental health. I decided that getting a pet may help and also give me something to look forward to and stay focused for, in times of suicidal thoughts. Now I know this isn’t and can’t logically be the answer for everyone. Getting a pet is a huge commitment, requiring money, time and effort. It’s not always an option for everyone, but I was lucky that a pet could fit perfectly into my life. So id like to welcome to the family my new baby kitten….Bella.

Has Bella’s arrival had any impact on my mental health? Absolutely, she’s given me reason to take time off work, time to reflect and relax, which I wouldn’t have done otherwise. Ive had a focus, i’ve got into a new routine, she’s given my days purpose. She’s given me companionship, someone to always have around. She’s my new cuddle buddy, my playtime pal and my little saviour. She’s improved my overall mental health in so many ways, and I can’t wait for this to continue. Through the sleepless nights of being a new mum, she is so worth it!

4 thoughts on “Pet Therapy

  1. Bella is sooo cute! And I agree that pets make all the difference for your mental health! Roxie, my pomeranian, is will be ten years old in the fall and I’ve had her every since she was six weeks old! She has made a huge difference in my life and I love her to pieces!

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  2. I love my fur babies. My female Nala is right on my lap the instant a panic attack starts and she is able to distract me long enough for it to pass with little to no suffering. I also keep snails as a distraction and time filler🙏🏼

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