Maintaining Good Mental Health During Isolation

I apologise again about the length of time it’s taken me to write this. As a key worker, myself and my colleagues have been working our butts off to keep everyone safe, and that has over taken the majority of my time to be able to blog. But here I am….Back to some sort of normality for a few days. So I am lucky. I still have a job I go to week in, week out….but I know if I didn’t, this period in time would have a massive impact on my mental health. So lets discuss ways we can keep our mentality positive and our mental health demons at bay.

  • Establish a routine – even if you aren’t working, structure your days. It gives your days purpose and gives you a drive to get out of bed.
  • Keep connected with people – give friends or family a call or message. Don’t isolate yourself away from everyone, keep your support system at hand.
  • Try to keep active – I know we are being informed to stay indoors, but get outside for a walk away from others, go for a run, a bike ride, skip in the garden. Whatever is on offer, try and exercise daily.
  • Get as much fresh air, natural light and nature as you can – this can help with anxiety and ease depression. Its also healthy for your body.
  • Keep your mind stimulated – take on a new online course, build something, do some arts and crafts, redecorate, find a new hobby….anything that you would find interesting and keeps your brain working.
  • Read a book – allow your mind to escape to a different world in a good book.
  • Find time to relax – listen to your body, if you feel tired or stressed, find time to relax without doing anything, or have a nap. Afternoon naps are ok!
  • If you’re struggling, ask for help – as always if you are struggling with your mental health during these times, always ask for help. Find support, whether that be calling samaritans or a mental health line, speaking to a doctor or a mental health professional. Always seek the help you need, even in these uncertain times there is help available.
  • Support each other – if you know a friend or a family member that may be struggling, reach out to them, offer whatever support you can, it may make a huge difference to someones life.

Stay safe everyone, look after each other…….together we can get through this. Just remember, it won’t last forever.

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