What we are learning from COVID-19

In a time when the world is in meltdown, when many jobs have been lost and hundreds of thousands have been isolated, what have we learnt about the world we live in? At a time when loo roll is a rare find, and people are stock piling more pasta than they could possibly get through in a year, what have we learnt about each other?

Well lets start with the elderly. Over 70’s are now meant to be self-isolating for 3 months according to the government. Well today, i’ve seen endless elderly people wandering out and about. Many carrying shopping bags. The thing I have learnt from this is that not everybody has someone. Not ever elderly person has family locally they can rely on when they run out of milk or vital medication. Some people are forced to go out due to lack of support from our community. Some people who should be self-isolating are having to make necessary journeys to the shops to be able to live. Why are we not spreading the love and offering help to all those we know locally who may be struggling in times like these?

We have noticed that, everyone goes crazy at the thought of having to stay home for 14 days. This constitutes needing 1000 toilet rolls, 26 bags of pasta, 12 loaves of bread, 6 bags of sugar….the list goes on. This has a knock on affect on EVERYONE! Its funny how we have gone from be kind, think of others, to selfish bastards overnight isn’t it?! A handful of people stocking up more than needed, results in everyone else having the fear of needing to do the same. Because 30 people decide to buy numerous amounts of one item, other people feel they should as there may not be any available next time they get to a shop. When does the madness stop?! How do we not realise that the world doesn’t revolve around greed. By buying an unnecessary amount of nappies due to your anxiety around the news, one baby had to go without! By buying all the toilet roll in the aisle, meant one elderly person had to walk further for miles trying to find some!

We have come to the realisation that carers are not “unskilled workers”. Carers go to work everyday regardless of virus’s or infections they may become susceptible to. Carers have close contact and care for those who may have symptoms of the corona virus. They do this with no fear, no selfishness. They go to work everyday whilst others get to work from home. They are among the front line staff to deal with the prevention of outbreaks. I want to take this opportunity to thank you, not only every NHS worker who works incredibly hard all year round, but care staff too, who do everything to care for and protect their residents. Yet these staff finish a 12 hour shift, pop to the shops, which have been emptied by idiots! Leaving them with nothing to eat after a busy day of saving and maintaining lives. please can we be more mindful of those around us!

Positive news however…….Community spirit has started to kick in, with many writing notes offering help to the vulnerable, and those self-isolating. What an amazing way to show unity amongst these difficult times. Please continue to offer support to those in need, no matter how big or small your contribution. Please remember to stay indoors unless completely necessary….you may not have symptoms yet but you may be carrying the virus. You may have 2 weeks of feeling unwell before gradually feeling fine again. However the virus you are carrying may be passed on to Mrs Smith, aged 82, with asthma, who may have just taken her last breath due to your unnecessary trip out.

Lets all help each other, lets all educate one another….lets get through these tough times, and get in those beer gardens for the summer!

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