So I have been overwhelmed with the amount of comments and likes on my website so far. I used to run another website for similar reasons… be able to express how I was feeling in a healthier format, without it taking me falling off the rails to understand how I felt. Well as time went on and I struggled to keep my audience engaged, I lost my sense of purpose and it was the beginning of the end of my previous website. I forgot the basis of why I started the site. I began to think my words didn’t matter and that I was just putting myself in a vulnerable position for the world to know me. Well 2020 is a whole new decade and a whole new way of thinking for myself. I blog for a number of reasons:

  1. When sometimes the words can’t be vocalised about how i’m feeling, my friends and family get the chance to read my blog, this helps them understand me more and how my emotions are effecting me. (Hi mum!)
  2. Ive learnt that actually if this blog has an affect on just one person, it’ll be one person I wouldn’t have ever helped if I didn’t write this! From feedback I have had, blogging can make others feel less alone, and help improve understanding around mental health issues.
  3. Why should we be ashamed to be who we are? Why should we have to stay quiet at the fear of being judged by those around you, and by those who don’t know you?! I have mental health problems, that doesn’t deserve to be judged by anyone. My previous blog was anonymous because I feared the judgement and stigma, but I’m not a coward anymore. I want to show everyone the real me! That doesn’t make me a bad person, and that doesn’t make me a label.
  4. There is something very therapeutic about typing what you’re thinking. I sometimes struggle with what to talk about, so I start with what’s in my head. That opens up a whole can of worms, trust me! But planning some spare time each week to be able to sit down, focus and type….it feels like a weight is lifted off my shoulders.
  5. Im proud of who I am today, I’ve struggled to get here! So I want to be able to look back at my bad days and see how I got through them. And where better to put those memories….than all over the internet!
  6. Its so empowering to think someone who you have never met could be reading this right now. I feel a part of a community wanting to change the stigma behind mental health problems, even if only a tiny clog in the system. The world can be a scary place, and not feeling free to talk openly about mental health is creating further and further problems. With suicide rates on the up, let’s learn to talk! Lets learn to support each other!

This is me……Im not scared to admit who I am. So lets get talking…….

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