Link Between Reading And Mental Health

Growing up I struggled a lot with reading. I was diagnosed as dyslexic and with ADHD as I started uni. So all throughout my school years I underachieved, I was labelled as a naughty child and I struggled to keep up with my work. This was never picked up at school because I got into trouble a lot, mainly for my attitude, because underneath it all I was just embarrassed that I struggled with this aspect of learning. I didn’t want people to know and neither did my schools pick up on it. Due to struggling with reading large pieces of text and having the attention span of a 5 year old…..I neglected reading for the majority of my life to date. My New Years resolution this year was to read at least 2 books each month.

Ive thrown myself into this. Ive read books I never thought I would ever find interesting and loved them. Books about history, which was by far my worst subject at school, I’ve read in a day as I got so gripped. Ive read a lot about the holocaust, doctors diaries and a few self help books. I wanted to share with you the impact this has had on my mental health. I used to always struggle finding an escape when it felt like the world was closing in on me at rock bottom with depression. However, now I’ve found my escape by burying my head in a book. Reading transports you to a different place. It encourages you to get out of your own head and see the world through someone else’s journey. It captivates you, your attention suddenly shifts from the feeling of pure depression. I have found it educational, interesting, fun and relaxing.

Studies have shown that reading can increase self-esteem, reduce symptoms of depression, help build better relationships with others, and reduce anxiety and stress. I have found all of this to be true. I feel good about myself, I’ve set myself a challenge and I’m achieving it. Im learning everyday and I’m seeing the world through someone else’s eyes or story. Ive built better relationships with others by working on my empathy, reading books clears my vision to see things more simply, and is teaching me to value what I have in my life.

I really hope someone reading this will pick up a book when they are struggling with anxiety, stress or depression. I have found it so much easier to read more fluently now I’m practicing it more often. It’s my new release, try it, it could be yours!

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