A Weekend Getaway

Do you ever feel like you need to escape reality sometimes? Just run away from it all and leave it all behind. Well I haven’t blogged for a few days as I’ve been away in Cornwall. I had the best time and came back feeling refreshed after spending time with some of my nearest and dearest. It got me thinking a lot about the impact of holidays and mini breaks on my mental health. Recently I have been bogged down with stresses about work, money the typical stuff that adults worry about. Whilst away we went alpaca trekking along Bodmin Moors and visited different towns and went on some amazing coastal path walks. Just being out in the fresh air, listening to waves crashing in front of me, looking over views that took my breath away……It all made me feel alive again. For the past few days I’ve been 100% living in the moment, making memories, free from stress and life problems. Now what is it about getaways that help with our mental health? Much research into the subject gave me the following answers…..

  • Holidays make us mentally sharper and more creative
  • Holidays give us a fresh wave of motivation and strength to keep life moving forwards
  • Travel helps you stay active, which helps your mental health
  • Travel broadens your mind, allowing you to visit new places and learn new cultures
  • Travelling gives you something to look forward to – there’s nothing quite like that countdown to a holiday.
  • It is suggested 6 days away triggers chemical changes in our brain to lower stress levels and it also boosts our immune system.
  • Holidays help you make memories with loved ones and spending quality time together, allowing people the freedom to speak to each other, with no distractions. So you can actually see how people are really doing.

I know holidays requires money, however there are so many options to go away cheaply. I recently went away and stayed in an air bnb chalet which was amazing and great value for money. Whenever you are feeling low, id so recommend taking some time away from your normal day to day life. Go out for the day, go for some nice walks, visit a beach. You can always do it alone as well as with friends or family. Take some time for your own self-development and mindfulness. No time working on yourself and your mental health is time wasted!

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