A Day In The Life Of The Mania Phase Of Bipolar Disorder

The mania phase of Bipolar Disorder is the opposite end of the spectrum to the depressive phase that I recently wrote about. Its the happy phase as some know it! Here is a day in the life of the mania phase. It is based on a real day that I recently experienced, not ideal I know….!

08:00am – Been up for hours, got way too much to do today to lie in bed. Im up, showered and dressed and ready for the day. Already planning my day and what I need to do and when I need to do it. In reality, all I need to do today is do some food shopping and go to the gym, but no…. in the mania phase I have produced a list as long as my arm of things I need to do today!

10:00am – Finished at the gym, worked out, pushed myself and my limits. Smashed out some great personal bests! Im full of energy! I go home and eat my porridge for breakfast. I hate porridge on normal days, but mania days aren’t normal days! Now off to do my food shopping!

12:00pm – Finished food shopping, so you could think I have finished what I need to do for today….no! I have a whole list… tidy my room (which is tidy), sort my diary, sell some unused gadgets …the list is endless. Im moving a bit quicker than normal today, like I’m bouncing off the walls, that’s mania for you!

13:00pm – Feel like I’m going at 100 miles per hour. I have a great idea to look into new training courses, or maybe il get a new job, or set up a new blog? I come up with all these ideas that 2 hours later I’m bored of, decided against, or moved onto something more extravagant. Im so well known for jumping from one thing to another and this is why. My mania phase tells me its a great idea and Im destined for great things…..then reality hits, and I realise its not going to be plausible. Then I get bored in what I’m doing because I feel like I could be or should be doing something better, no matter how good I’m currently doing.

15:00pm – Now, for this new job or new course, I’m going to need a new laptop surely? I have a perfectly good iMac computer and a fairly new laptop at home. I can’t afford a new laptop. Im fixated on the idea, this is now what I NEED, I won’t stop thinking about it until I get it…..I talk myself in to taking out yet another finance agreement to be able to get the most expensive laptop (totally not needed) right now. Yet more debt I can’t afford but the temporary happiness of getting what i’ve most wanted for the past 5 minutes seems to overtake that! 

17:00pm – Im off to collect my new gadget. Very happy with my purchase, no second thought about how I was going to pay for it. Talked myself into believing the IT I already have wouldn’t work for the purpose I now need it! The new course, I won’t even start because by tomorrow il be in depressive phase again and totally unmotivated!

19:00pm – Home and setting up my new laptop, my friends and family astonished at yet another dodgy decision from yours truly! But I’m loving life. The items left on my list now goes amiss. I have more important things to do, like blog about my day! I sit mindlessly in front of the TV, typing as fast as my words will come out.

21:00pm – Im fast asleep on the sofa, all of todays ideas running round in my head, unable to comprehend what’s realistic and what’s just mania! Im exhausted from my 100 mile per hour day! Will I still be so keen on the ideas I had today tomorrow, probably not! Ah well, il deal with the consequences tomorrow when I’m back in depressive phase!

5 thoughts on “A Day In The Life Of The Mania Phase Of Bipolar Disorder

      1. It really is. I talk really fast when I get manic and people tease me about it. And the racing thoughts are so tiring! I also buy presents for people that I really can’t afford and it has caused a lot of problems.

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      2. I can really relate to this. I’m constantly making plans and buying gifts with money I don’t have! A lot of my friends and family leave me to it now, nothing can sway me from making bad decisions when I’m in full flow.


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