Balancing Work Based Stress

I think its fair to say most people have experienced some sort of work related stress in their career, some more than others. The average Briton will spend 3,507 days at work including 204 days overtime in their lifetime. This is a lot of our life spent working. Im a great believer in being selfless, but when it comes to work I also think its crucial at times to put yourself first. Your health and your family should always come first. In a job you are replaceable, as harsh as it sounds, employers would find someone else to do your job tomorrow, if you got too ill to work. Time is precious and its important to do a job that you love and feel appreciated and supported. But when you are experiencing stress in your job, here’s some tips to get you through.

  • Track your stressors – keep a journal of what is causing you the most stress, your thoughts and feelings on this and how you reacted. This will help you find patterns and areas you may need more support/training.
  • Develop healthy responses – For example exercising, plan something fun to do after work, go to see your family and friends.
  • Establish Boundaries – In a 24 hour world due to endless technological communications, don’t put pressure on yourself to be available every hour of the day. Allow yourself time to turn your phone off and relax out of work. Make sure you’re getting the right work/life balance.
  • Take time to recharge – Book some time off, go on a holiday, go on a spa weekend. Make sure you’re getting enough time outside of work to relax and do things your enjoy. Find time to catch up with friends and family.
  • Talk to your manager – Ask for some more support. If you are struggling with workload, your manager is probably unaware. They may be able to delegate some of your work to ease the stress. Also most companies now days have an employee support system, and have means of linking their employees with counsellors or someone to talk to if they are feeling extremely stressed.

So remember, life is too short to be anything but happy. Find ways to manage your stress. Put your own health first, and also talk to someone if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

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