What Should I Train As A Beginner?

The scariest part of joining a gym or deciding to start training is beginning and knowing where to start. From my days as a fitness instructor, the look of fear on every newbies face makes a beginner easy to spot. But as they say “the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”, and becoming motivated to start is a great place to begin. So what to do when you first start at the gym?

  1. Don’t be scared of what everyone else is doing. I can guarantee you, no-one is that interested in what your sessions entails to be watching you whilst you train. Don’t be embarrassed about training as a beginner. We were all there once!
  2. Don’t start off at 100 miles per hour. Take your time and learn what level of fitness you have. Start by warming up throughly, for example 5/10 minutes on a treadmill, steady pace that will increase your heart rate. Or push yourself on a bike to raise your heart rate too.
  3. Do not believe the myth that lifting weights will make you muscly ladies…..You will not bulk from throwing a few weights around. You need testosterone to pack on the muscle like men can. So for an all body workout, incorporate some weights, whether that be free weights (dumbbells or kettlebells etc) or fixed resistance machines at the gym. Lifting weights will help build core strength, help burn fat and generally make your body stronger, leading to less chance of injury.
  4. Make sure you’re working all muscle groups. For example, don’t just work upper body because you find it easier, or you know more upper body exercises. Make sure you balance out your sessions to allow for a full body workout. For example, do some squats to work your leg muscles, and press ups to work on your upper body.
  5. Be sure to incorporate some core exercises. There are more exercises to work your stomach than just sit ups! Have a google for some exercise or ask an instructor at your gym to go through some with you if you’re struggling for ideas.
  6. Don’t forget to stretch. Stretching after a session is very important. Its a good way to end a cool down, and loosen up any muscles that you have worked during your session. Stretching can decrease any muscle ache you may be feeling after your sessions.
  7. Don’t give up! Don’t let yourself get bored, there are always new exercises to try out! Find new ways to train to keep pushing yourself.

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