Top 5 Things To Stop For A Happier Life

It’s easy to take things for granted, and its easy to let each day continue without purpose by not letting go of things that make us unhappy. So here’s 5 things to quit today that will change your life and your mindset towards it.

1) Don’t live to please others – Other peoples opinions of you and the way you live your life is about as helpful as a chocolate teapot sometimes. The opinion you hold about yourself is way more important than how others perceive you. No matter what you do in life there is always going to be one person disagreeing or slating you for your actions so live in the moment, do what’s best for you because no one else can live your life but you.

2) Forget the guilt or shame of past failures – We don’t always win in life. Life is about taking the good with the bad. So let those past errors go. Don’t become so caught up on the past that you don’t see the brightness of the future in front of you. You’ll never appreciate today if you can’t see past yesterday. Let go and try again. Never give up.

3) Stop being indecisive – Don’t be afraid to make a decision about your own life. You will never leave where you are if you cannot make a decision about where you want to be. Don’t be scared to decide what is best for you and follow it. Follow your dreams or you hopes for the future and never doubt yourself.

4) Stop running away – Stop running away from your problems. The further you run the heavier the weight on your shoulders becomes as you get more and more tired of running. Running away or ignoring any problems doesn’t solve the problem at hand. The sooner the issue can be resolved, the quicker you can move past it.

5)  Stop overlooking the positives – When it comes to poor mental health sometimes its hard, if not impossible to see the positives. Sometimes we are so caught up on achieving something big, that we forget about all the little things that make up the greatest parts of life. There are days you will struggle to see how good life can be, but always look for those positives to help you through. It’s the little things that can matter the most!

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