Mindfulness Post 1

“Some people will only check on you to see if you have failed yet. Nope, I’m still winning!”

Ive learnt massively over the past few months not to care what people think about you. Its more important to be happy in your own skin than to live to impress others. Worrying about what other people thinks takes away the enjoyment of the here and now. It provides anxiety that doesn’t need to be there. it creates problems that dont exist. If you’re happy, why should anyone else’s opinion bring you down? Ive learnt that people you think are closest to you will be the people kicking you when you’re down. Those who have known you for the shortest amount of time could be there for you more than someone you have known for years. But thats ok. Ive walked away from a lot of friendships recently. You will learn through life who your true friends are, who’s got your back, to your face and when you aren’t around. Im very lucky to have such amazing friends. Who support me to grow, bring out the best in me and are my biggest fans. People that motivate me to be better everyday. I learn something from all of my friends and right now I have the most genuine, caring, thoughtful, amazing closest friends, and thats all that matters. Im not here to impress anyone, I’m being me, like me or not, thats your problem not mine. So to anyone wondering, I’m still winning, I’m overcoming things I never thought possible, and I’m smiling. Your loss, not mine. Im one lucky girl, and il continue to win everyday, because I have the most amazing people around me. Stay happy, find the ones worth fighting for, and hold tight….. its not the amount of friends you have that matters, its the quality of those friendships, and what value they add to your life. My friends are PERFECT, I wouldn’t change them for the world. So stay strong, and look for those adding to your life, not bringing negative effects to your mindset.

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