A Message For Anyone Struggling

You are NOT alone. No matter what life throws your way, you’re stronger than you could ever imagine. When you feel like giving up, look how far you have come. When you feel you cant take another step, rest, and try again, but don’t give up. At the end of this storm is the brightest rainbow. You will never know your true potential in life until you battled and conquered that war inside your head. Take each step in your own time, but don’t stop moving forwards and towards a goal of a better tomorrow. Be proud of yourself, because you have come so far. Don’t know where to start? Wipe the story clean and start again. Hold on to those who bring the sunshine out of you, learn who is the best one to join you to dance in the rain. No matter how hard life gets, and no matter how many grey clouds you see above your head, the real you will battle through to the clear sky. I know this because I’ve been there, I lost myself, I fought day in day out to get through each endless day, until one day I took my first step forward, and it was the biggest and best thing thats ever happened to me. Focus on yourself, adopt techniques that work for you, research options available to you, speak out, admitting you’re struggling is the first and biggest step to the start of your recovery. Don’t bottle it up, talk. You never know what positive outcomes could be just round the corner. Stay strong little fighter.

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