10 Best Ways to Release Stress, Anger and Adrenaline

  1. Scream as loud as you can
  2. Squeeze ice as hard as you can
  3. Talk to someone – a friend/samaritans
  4. Draw/Paint/Colour in – Be creative
  5. Have a bath or a shower and then write a list to yourself starting each line with I love you because…..this promotes self care and allows you to look for the positives
  6. Meditate
  7. Sweep the path or wash your car – any kind of household chores
  8. Smash a water melon
  9. Go for a run
  10. Play loud music and dance energetically

It’s important when we feel these emotions to release them in the best way possible. I know personally I usually take these feelings out on friends and family, those closest to me, and then feel immense guilt afterwards for not finding a better release. So its always worth trying something new. You never know what might work for you.

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