Introducing Myself

I am currently in search of a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. I am diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which greatly impacts on my life. I am starting my journey to trial and educate myself on ways to create a more settled lifestyle and therefore more settled mental well-being. Ive started this blog as a way of sharing with you my achievements, my challenges and my advice. From a complete beginner to hopefully a well oiled machine! I aim to publish my day to day life, providing insight into living with bipolar, and how the benefits of eating healthily and training appropriately impacts on my mental well-being. I will be discussing my training, providing some recipes, and of course, discussing the big topic of mental health. My aim is that this blog will help others make positive changes to their life. If writing this helps just one person, my mission here is complete. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please follow us on social media and give us a like. #blogger #health #wellbeing #mentalhealth #makingchanges

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